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    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    — Aristotle

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design in Kent County Maryland

by Amy Meade on .

Teknika Kitchens and Baths has recently relocated to Chestertown and offers exceptional kitchen and bathroom design in Kent County Maryland and surrounding areas. We have been enjoying learning about our new home and its history. Kent County is a peninsula founded in 1608 by Captain John Smith who spent time exploring the Chesapeake and its tributaries. He finally landed in modern day Rock Hall after sailing down the Sassafras River. After his explorations Smith wrote: “Heaven and earth never agreed better to frame a place for man’s habitation,” of the eastern shore of Maryland. It is still true today.

Do you Need a Kitchen Designer for Help Designing a Custom Kitchen in Chestertown?

by Amy Meade on .

When looking for help with designing a custom kitchen, Chestertown homeowners can turn to architects, interior designers or kitchen designers. What expert do you choose? Let me explain where I see the differences.

Do I Need Custom Cabinets?

by Amy Meade on .

We hear this question often. You have many options for cabinets in Chestertown so why should you spend more for custom cabinets? There are many benefits to custom cabinetry, especially in your kitchen but I will only focus on the top 5 reasons.

To Get the Best Small Bathroom Design Hire a Designer

by Amy Meade on .

Bathrooms can be small, sometimes miniscule, so what do you do to get your best bathroom design for your space? Do you need to hire a designer? As you can guess, my answer is yes and I can give you 6 reasons why I think it is in your best interest to hire a designer even for the little bathroom projects.

Do You Need Customized Kitchen Cabinets in Your Chestertown Home?

by Amy Meade on .

Customized kitchen cabinets in Chestertown remodels are the stuff kitchen dreams are made of and with all dreams only some should and will come true. How do you decide?

A Well-Designed Bathroom = A Well-Designed Home

by Amy Meade on .

Many homeowners feel that the kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to resale. However, studies have found that home buyers really think that a well-designed bathroom makes a home worth buying. While many house hunters are getting used to fabulous kitchens, bathrooms can still be an afterthought, so the truly marvelous stand out. Let’s examine how you can get your bathroom to be an inspirational design.

Top Trends in Bathroom Design

by Amy Meade on .

The bathroom has become a hub of innovative design. The bathroom was always the room where you could experiment, and now it is where you can investigate new trends in bathroom design.

How Custom Cabinets are Made

by Amy Meade on .

Custom cabinets are expensive. The more custom the more expensive. However, what makes up most of the cost of any cabinet, and I would argue the most important part of the cabinet, is what you cannot see: the material that the box of the cabinet is made out of. This, how custom cabinets are made, is what determines how long they will last and how they will look after years of use.

Do I Need a Kitchen Designer and Won’t They Be Expensive?

by Amy Meade on .

When potential clients first come to my showroom, I often see “the look.” The look means I think I need a kitchen designer but I am not sure AND this is going to be so much more expensive.

I can tell you that a good kitchen designer will actually help you save money and time–a lot of time. You are probably thinking right now…yeah right, she has to say that since she is a kitchen designer. However, let me tell you how, and you can decide if what I write makes sense.

Lighting: The Forgotten Element in Kitchen and Bath Design

by Amy Meade on .

Often in kitchen and bath designs lighting is often the last element that the designer inputs into the plan and often it is perfunctory at best. I would argue that lighting is now one of the more important elements in both kitchen design and bath design. Why? Vision depends on light and new research shows that light affects humans in more ways than ever thought.