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    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    — Aristotle

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Top Trends in Bathroom Design

by Amy Meade on .

The bathroom has become a hub of innovative design. The bathroom was always the room where you could experiment, and now it is where you can investigate new trends in bathroom design.

How Custom Cabinets are Made

by Amy Meade on .

Custom cabinets are expensive. The more custom the more expensive. However, what makes up most of the cost of any cabinet, and I would argue the most important part of the cabinet, is what you cannot see: the material that the box of the cabinet is made out of. This, how custom cabinets are made, is what determines how long they will last and how they will look after years of use.

Do I Need a Kitchen Designer and Won’t They Be Expensive?

by Amy Meade on .

When potential clients first come to my showroom, I often see “the look.” The look means I think I need a kitchen designer but I am not sure AND this is going to be so much more expensive.

I can tell you that a good kitchen designer will actually help you save money and time–a lot of time. You are probably thinking right now…yeah right, she has to say that since she is a kitchen designer. However, let me tell you how, and you can decide if what I write makes sense.

Lighting: The Forgotten Element in Kitchen and Bath Design

by Amy Meade on .

Often in kitchen and bath designs lighting is often the last element that the designer inputs into the plan and often it is perfunctory at best. I would argue that lighting is now one of the more important elements in both kitchen design and bath design. Why? Vision depends on light and new research shows that light affects humans in more ways than ever thought.

How to Design Your Perfect Small Kitchen

by Amy Meade on .

When faced with a small kitchen remodel, many homeowners feel the kitchen design options are limited. This is so not true. As with any kitchen remodel, the perfect small kitchen design will contain three parts:

What Makes a GREAT Kitchen Designer?

by Amy Meade on .

If you look up a kitchen designer job description it states: “Kitchen designers create kitchens for clients, including cabinets, flooring, counters, and appliances. They use their skills to determine a client’s project goals, prepare final plans and create a timeline for the project. “ *

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling: Can You Do Them at The Same Time and Do They Need to Match?

by Amy Meade on .

So, you just bought a house that needs both kitchen AND bathroom remodeling. Or maybe it has been 10 years and you just can’t stand your kitchen and bath one more minute. What are your options? Believe it or not, it is possible to remodel your kitchen and bath at the same time. It actually could even save you money.

Your Chestertown Area Kitchen Remodeler Should be your Kitchen Designer

by Amy Meade on .

As a kitchen remodeler and kitchen designer for the last 14 years in the Philadelphia area, and more recently in Chestertown, Maryland I believe it is best to hire one company to do the remodeling and the construction of your kitchen. Why? Let me tell you the ways.

What Is the Cost of a Custom Kitchen Remodel in Chestertown Maryland?

by Amy Meade on .

Teknika Kitchens and Baths is moving our custom cabinetry business to Chestertown Maryland in November of 2020. It is time to enjoy the lifestyle of the Eastern Shore. So, to introduce ourselves we thought we would let you know what it costs to enjoy the benefits of a custom kitchen remodel in Chestertown and throughout Kent and Queen Anne Counties. This information is from a national magazine that surveys home project costs every year by metropolitan area. The eastern shore of Maryland is part of the Baltimore metro area.

Kitchen Remodeling in the Age of COVID-19

by Amy Meade on .

Beginning in March, most of the United States was restricted by stay at home orders that included closing all nonessential businesses including the Teknika Kitchens and Baths showroom. At the time I was worried that would be the end of kitchen remodeling until we were able to again open the doors of our showroom. After all, remodeling is more than just taking out cabinets and putting a new set back in; many decisions need to be made along the way and they need to be made in person between the kitchen designer and the client, often with samples between them.