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Bathroom Design Ideas for Kent County

| Amy Meade

Before starting an expensive and time-consuming bathroom renovation, getting some bathroom design ideas for Kent County is crucial. I have divided up these bathroom ideas into two categories, design trends and design items to include.

Bathroom Design Trends

Below are my top choices for bathroom design ideas.

Vintage Fixtures

This trend includes large fixtures such as the bathtub and smaller fixtures like the sink, bath and shower faucets. This look also encompasses what you put on the walls such as wallpaper and chair rails. The idea is to make your bathroom look like it is a Victorian bathroom, but with all the modern amenities.

Mellow Oasis

This trend includes colors and style. The colors are often in soft tones of blues and greens maybe a gray accent. Even the fixtures will be in silver tones and the tile could be a more natural look and color. The style is usually a more modern aesthetic in terms of uncluttered and clean lines. There is nothing jarring about this bathroom.

Pop that Color

This trend as the title suggests is all about color. This color pop could be in a modern, traditional, or transitional bathroom. However, I would make sure the style is consistent in terms of fixtures and design. You also want to have a consistent background for your color pop. What I have found that works best is to have a neutral background color such as white, cream or gray and then wow with a vibrant color such as a lime green or amethyst. You want a saturated, striking color as your Pop.

Bathroom Design Items to Include

Everyone has some must-have features for their bathroom. The following are my top three bathroom design ideas everyone should include.

Hidden Trash

There is nothing worse than walking into a gorgeous well thought out bathroom design and seeing an overflowing trash can. Just like in a kitchen the trash can be hidden in a vanity or special drawer. If the space is too tight to dedicate a special spot in a cabinet for the trash the next best thing is to hide the trash away from sight upon entering the bathroom: maybe to the side of the vanity.

Do Not Get Wet

When deciding where to put the shower controls make sure you can turn on the shower without getting wet. Sometimes this will mean moving the shower controls to the center of the shower. This is awkward but well worth the effort to avoid being drenched.

Hand Shower

When I design a bathroom, I always encourage the homeowner to include a hand shower. Even if they do not currently have a hand shower and do not miss it, I find if I can convince them to include this fixture, I will usually hear back a few months after the project is finished with thanks for the inclusion. It is amazing how much easier it is to bath yourself, a child or even the dog with a hand shower.

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