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Custom Kitchen Designers Can Give you a Price

| Amy Meade

One of the biggest frustrations many of my clients have is that they have no idea what their custom kitchen remodel is going to cost. Their custom kitchen designer cannot give them a cost until the kitchen is designed and then it costs more to redesign the kitchen to the price range they need.

That conundrum can be avoided if the custom kitchen designer can give you a reliable price before the design is even started so you do not get a $150,000 kitchen when you are more interested in a $50,000 kitchen. How is this done? By ensuring that your kitchen designer has the tools to estimate your total kitchen cost before the design phase has begun. This can be done in a simple 5 stage process if the custom kitchen designer has invested in the process.

It gets even better if the custom kitchen designer carries multiple lines that are classified as Good/Better/Best or Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum. This means not only does the home owner know the price upfront, but they are able to choose their customization level. All the levels should be top quality with the difference in price depending on the level of customization. The more choices or customization options, the higher the price.

This system only exists at Teknika Kitchens and Baths and it is called the Acuflexpricing system. There is no other system like it in the Kent county or Queen Anne county area or as far as we know nationally. This system has taken us years to perfect: 30 to be exact. So, what can our clients expect? There are 5 steps that we have been incorporated into a system that cannot be replicated so you can get an accurate price for the level of customization you need. These steps are:

Teknika’s Custom Kitchen Designers’ 5 Step Process

Step One: Showroom Visit. This involves our clients letting us know what they need and what they dream about for their kitchen. We have created a questionnaire that we use as our design bible but also as a tool to get at what our clients really are looking for. Often, they are unsure and this questionnaire helps us get to that core issue. We will also present to our clients all the different options they have as well as introduce them to the Acuflex pricing system so they can begin to understand the unique system we utilize for their benefit.

Step Two: Home Visit. Your Teknika custom kitchen Designer will come to your house. This is the only step we charge for ($250 for time and travel). She will measure your space to get the inputs necessary for the Acuflex pricing system and then take a detailed inventory of any possible design or construction issues. She will also get a better understanding of your style so she can ensure that your kitchen fits your home, both in style and features. This could not be done if she visited your home first. We want to get your opinions prior to seeing your house. We have found this provides a much better design outcome.

Step Three: The Acuflexpricing Budget. Now is the time to take all the inputs that your Teknika Custom Kitchen Designer has put into the model and add one more crucial element: your choices. It is at this point that our clients can then decide what level of customization they would like for every element of their kitchen. This includes everything from the cabinetry, to appliances, countertops, tile and even the grout. We will carefully explain all the differences between the varying choices and at the end of the meeting our clients will have their kitchen budget, guaranteed within 10%.

Step Four: The Design. Now that you and your custom kitchen designer from Teknika Kitchens and Baths have agreed on your budget it is time for your designer to design your perfect kitchen plan. You can relax. From now on, every time you see a new plan or your plan is tweaked, there will be a corresponding budget. You will also see exactly how your kitchen will look, with our 3-D custom kitchen software, and how much it will cost with our Acuflex pricing system. You just need to enjoy the process of seeing it all come together.

Step Five: Installation. Teknika can recommend a highly experienced contractor from a short list of tested contractors. These contractors will work with you to ensure your installation and installation budget stays on track. Installations are never perfect since any custom process has so many steps that odds are something will go wrong, but these contractors are experienced and consciously working to prevent as many of these issues as possible. Teknika’s 30 years of experience has led us to only recommend contractors that prevent most issues from occurring and when they do, to minimize their impact in terms of time and money.

Enjoy the Benefit of Teknika’s Unique Kitchen Design Process

Your Custom Kitchen Designer at Teknika Kitchens and Baths is able to take advantage of the systems developed with experience and technology to be sure your custom kitchen is what your dreams are made of, now and for your family’s future. If you are in Kent or Queen Anne’s County, please contact us at 410-778-2036.