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“Design is the simplest one that works.”

—Albert Einstein
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Design Process

The Design Process and What to Expect

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The Secret of Designing a Perfect Custom Kitchen or Custom Bath in Chestertown

There is a secret to designing that perfect kitchen or bath in Chestertown.  The secret involves 3 elements as we outline in our custom kitchen and bath design process:

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Design Process

Education is important because it involves training in how to look at a project and the fundamental requirements to ensure that your kitchen or bath functions properly. The lack of education is why there are so many kitchens where you cannot open the refrigerator door wide enough to get the crisper drawers out to clean them. It can also be why your water pressure is not great. Do you know the difference between a pressure-balanced valve and thermostatic valve?

Experience means that you have learned the hard way from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes but I do not want that mistake to mean extra money or time when renovating my kitchen or bath. Reputable kitchen and bath designers will own up to their mistakes and pay for them.

The custom kitchen and bath design process can be the most important element in the perfect kitchen or bath design. The correct process means that clients know what to expect from the remodel: what they are getting in terms of quality and price and the Designer knows what the client expects from their new kitchen or bath. What makes their client unique and what their kitchen or bath needs to reflect. The Design Process developed by Teknika is also the way that mistakes are avoided. The kitchen and bath remodeling process involving hundreds of people and hours to accomplish. The correct design process ensures that everyone is on the same page and did their part correctly. A successful design process is making sure the mistakes are easy to spot and most importantly, resolved as quickly as possible.