Residential Kitchens, Baths and Custom Cabinetry

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“Design is the simplest one that works.”

—Albert Einstein
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After your budget review, your designer will take the information gathered from your initial consultation; home visit and budget review discussion and create a design for you with pricing. This step takes approximately 1 – 2 weeks.

To create your custom plan your designer will:

  • Create. Your designer fits your unique needs to your individual space. It is a process of thinking and revising. Often it involves discussing with various players (other designers and/or manufacturers to find creative ways to design your space to be less costly and to fit your needs more closely).
  • Plan. We want you to be easily able to envision the space we have created for you. That means developing a plan (view looking down) and key perspectives (angled views so you can see your space three dimensionally).
  • Pricing. Once you designer has put together your custom design, then they will develop your pricing based on your design. This includes making specific product recommendations based upon your budget and items that you consider a priority.

Once your plan is complete, you will be asked to make another appointment so your designer can present to you, your custom plan. This will include a floor plan, perspective drawings and pricing.

This meeting should take about 1 hour.

In subsequent appointments you and your designer will continue to refine (personalize) your plan until you are satisfied with every detail. This step should take no more than 2 – 3 additional meetings of about ½ hour each.

Prior to ordering your cabinets, your designer will:

  • Need to know the appliances you have decided upon, since they can often change the cabinetry needs.
  • Need a 50% materials deposit.

Please be aware that in order to keep our prices as low as possible, Teknika only accepts checks or cash.