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Do I Need Custom Cabinets?

| Amy Meade

We hear this question often. You have many options for cabinets in Chestertown so why should you spend more for custom cabinets? There are many benefits to custom cabinetry, especially in your kitchen but I will only focus on the top 5 reasons.

Top 5 Advantages of Custom Cabinets

If you need a reason to treat yourself to custom cabinets, we are giving you five. Imagine your newly remodeled kitchen with brand new cabinets made specially for you!

Customized to Last

Customized cabinets are high end cabinets. They are made to include superior, longer lasting features such as high quality engineered wood, dovetails, advanced hinges: all the parts that ensure your custom cabinets will last the lifetime of your home. These are also the parts in cheaper cabinets that eventually fail.

Customized to Order

By definition custom cabinets are built for you and only you. You get to pick out the sizes, the colors, and the finish that match what you love and what your kitchen needs in terms of cabinets. Kitchens especially need custom cabinets. Kitchens contain the most cabinets, and these cabinets sustain the roughest use, so if you are going to stay in your home more than 5-years, custom cabinets are right for you.

Customized to Stand Out

Have you noticed that many new kitchens are starting to look alike? Most developers and renovators put in cabinets with either flat or shaker doors in a laminate or medium tone wood. The kitchen is shaped like an L and contains an island. This is what I see, 9 times out of 10, in new homes…it gets boooring. Even newly renovated homes are done with stock cabinets in this same look. Why? Because options are limited. There are just so many ways you can arrange a standard kitchen and without thousands of custom cabinet options, things can start looking tired very fast. Custom cabinetry allows talented and experienced designers the ability to make sure your kitchen design matches your personality and family. No one will mistake your kitchen for anyone else’s.

Customized for Resale

The most valuable room in your home, when you go to sell, is the kitchen. When potential buyers see gorgeous custom cabinets in Chestertown the value of your house goes up, as much as 10% according to respected real estate experts. Investing in custom cabinets provides you with years of enjoyment and continues to give back even after you have decided to part ways.

Customized for Service

I hate having to continually tighten screws, tweak hinges, fix lopsided legs or otherwise adjust furniture that I thought was such a good deal at big box stores. The same will be true for cabinets. If you pay more, you should not have to “adjust” your cabinets and if for some reason something goes wrong, usually the manufacturer will be there to fix and repair. Higher quality custom cabinet companies, just like furniture companies, live by their reputation. They want you to be happy so you will tell your friends how great your custom kitchen cabinets are.

Custom Kitchens Deserve Custom Cabinets

I hope I have given you some food for thought about your next custom kitchen cabinet purchase. Remember if you are in your “forever home” think about giving yourself the gift of a custom kitchen. If you have any questions about custom cabinets in Chestertown, or you are asking yourself the question, “Do I need custom cabinets?” please give us a call at 215-922-4414 or you can get more information on our website.