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Do You Need Customized Kitchen Cabinets in Your Chestertown Home?

| Amy Meade

Customized kitchen cabinets in Chestertown remodels are the stuff kitchen dreams are made of and with all dreams only some should and will come true. How do you decide?

3 Types of Kitchen Cabinets

First let me define the 3 different types of cabinetry: stock cabinets, semi-custom and custom cabinets. Teknika Kitchens and Baths recommends semi-custom and customized kitchen cabinets.

Stock Cabinets:

Stock cabinets are off the shelf cabinets.

Options: Stock cabinets come in a limited range of sizes, styles, finishes and storage options. Usually manufacturers have standard cabinets for sinks, but not farm sinks, a shaker style, but not one with an interior edge detail to make it special, a few paint colors but not the navy blue you have your heart set on, and finally they might have a cutlery storage unit, but not a double tray so you can fit that many more forks, knives and spoons in one drawer. You will not be able to eke out the most storage possible.

Quality: Stock cabinets are often made of less than quality engineered wood options. All cabinet boxes are made of engineered wood since it is less susceptible to racking, is more sustainable and can be sturdier than 100% wood. However, you will see a range of quality, and stock cabinets are often made of a low quality.

Pricing: Stock cabinets are the cheapest option.

Semi-custom Cabinets:

Semi-stock cabinets have the greatest number of manufacturers and run the gamut of close-to-stock and close-to-custom.

Options: Semi-custom cabinets are a step up in terms of the available options including sizes, styles, finishes and storage options. With most semi-custom cabinets, you can get at least 2 options in terms of cabinet types, like sink cabinets which will have a farm sink option. In this category will be at least one shaker style that has an interesting bead around the panel or door. The paint and stain colors will have a variety of colors, such as 3 blue options. The cutlery unit can be put in various configurations in different size drawers. With semi-custom you can choose from at least double the storage options.

Quality: Semi-custom cabinets can be made from good or not so good quality. You can tell this by the price and the number of options available. However, I can say that the semi-custom brands of cabinetry I am familiar with have better quality than stock cabinets. The exception to this rule is if the cabinets are made in China. Then the aim is to make the cheapest cabinet possible.

Pricing: Pricing with this large category can range from almost stock pricing to almost custom pricing. Again, this reflects manufacturing quality and the number of options available: the more options the more expensive it is to manufacturer.

Custom Cabinets:

Options: Customized kitchen cabinets mean the sky is the limit. If you or your designer can draw it, it can be made (as long as it follows the rules of physics). If you want a sink cabinet that is 31.526 inches wide, that has 2 shaker doors and another type of drawer with a different style drawer underneath and each door should be in a different shade of blue and the drawer in a third shade and you want a cutlery pullout behind the doors with spots for 3 spoons, 5 forks and 2 knives, you got it.

Quality: Customized cabinets are made of the highest quality materials. Wood-Mode, dries much of their own wood so that they know the quality is the highest possible. They also source the best possible engineered wood so the cabinets will last forever, and they do.

Pricing: You will pay for your customized kitchen cabinets. Since they are so work intensive to make, they cost a pretty penny. For pricing a good rule of thumb is that the price will be directly inverse of how long the cabinets take to produce. Custom cabinets take the longest, as long as 12 weeks, and they are very expensive.

So how do you decide if you want the customized cabinetry because you have set your heart on this unusual cabinet combination? I would say that you have 3 considerations:

  1. How long are you going to stay in your house? Under 5 years go with stock cabinets, 5-10 years, semi-custom is your best bet, and anything over 10 years custom cabinets can be an option.
  2. Do you want the latest trends in cabinetry? If so, I would say go with stock or semi-custom cabinetry. Often stock cabinetry will not have the latest trends since stock cabinet companies will wait until it is a popular trend to copy the idea. Semi-custom cabinets are most likely your best option.
  3. What does your budget look like? In the Chestertown area, an average 10’x20′ kitchen will cost about $67,565. This is in the middle and includes everything for your kitchen remodel including materials and labor.

Contact Teknika For Kitchen Remodeling and Customized Kitchen Cabinets in Chestertown

When designing a custom kitchen is Chestertown, customized cabinetry is wonderful because you get a kitchen that fits your space, your style and your family. A number of considerations exist, so make sure you do your research. Teknika Kitchens and Baths has some great ideas for your new kitchen design in Chestertown and will discuss a range of cabinets from moderately priced semi-custom cabinets to your dream customized kitchen cabinets in Chestertown. Your choice.