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To Get the Best Small Bathroom Design Hire a Designer

| Amy Meade

Bathrooms can be small, sometimes miniscule, so what do you do to get your best bathroom design for your space? Do you need to hire a designer? As you can guess, my answer is yes and I can give you 6 reasons why I think it is in your best interest to hire a designer even for the little bathroom projects.

  1. While small bathrooms require very little “design,” a designer can offer more than just where to place the toilet. Your designer can help you decide on a color scheme for your bathroom design that can for example assist in waking you up in the morning, such as a burst of yellow tile in the shower. Or maybe you want help to make your bathroom more “spa-like” to calm down at the end of the day, with a palette of natural stone and warm wood accents.
  2. Chestertown bathroom designers can help you find reputable vendors who can find anything from a contemporary glass shower door instead of the old shower curtain to that red glass accent tile that is so you.
  3. Designers can help you find a contractor. Whether you want someone who is lower priced for a quick bathroom revamp or a contractor who has the permits and insurance necessary to work in condo buildings, a designer can help you.
  4. Have you ever tried to order the necessary plumbing valves and trim for showers and or bathtubs? It is confusing since every manufacturer is different. A bathroom designer who does this often is more likely to get the combination right and can offer suggestions if you are unsure of what you want.
  5. In that small bathroom, your designer can help you develop a design for your Chestertown bathroom that will optimize if not expand your bathroom storage. She knows all the latest in cabinet storage options and can share the best options for you.
  6. If a mistake is made in ordering and you are paying the designer to source the product, it is the designer’s responsibility to fix the problem. Same thing if you are paying the designer to run the project and the contractor hired by the designer makes a mistake. It is the designer’s obligation to get it right without any additional cost to you.

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To help you get ideas for your Chestertown small bathroom design go to our bathroom inspiration page. It is a great starting place for most projects, whether you are looking for ideas or searching for examples. Also, be sure to explore Teknika Kitchens and Baths’ website to see how much easier a perfect bathroom or kitchen design is to attain with a professional designer’s expertise.