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How to Get Your Perfect Kitchen Design in Chestertown

| Amy Meade

One of the first questions anyone has when planning to renovate your kitchen is what is the perfect kitchen design for me? The answer requires you to dig into the details of style, space and function.

Kitchen Design Style

Style has to do with what style of design you like. There are three basic types of styles in the kitchen. They are Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Often described as more elegant, a traditional kitchen uses elements that have been around for generations. This includes more natural elements such as wood cabinetry, wood floors, stone such as marble or granite for the countertop. The cabinets often are raised panel and have applied moldings.

Transitional Kitchen Design

As hinted at in the name this style belongs in the middle of traditional and contemporary and can incorporate elements of each. It often keeps the warmth of more traditional designs but is simpler. This includes natural elements such as wood cabinetry but is often painted in whites, creams or lighter colors. Floors can be wood, but the countertops are often quartz and backsplashes stone, ceramic or porcelain. The cabinets are often a simple shaker.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens have cleaner lines are cooler and minimalist. Cabinetry is often wood laminate or high gloss colors, especially white. Floors can also be laminate and quartz is for the countertops. The backsplash can be quartz or a large-scale porcelain tile with few grout lines. The cabinet style is almost exclusively slab doors.

Space in Kitchen Design

Space has to do with your actual kitchen area and what you can accomplish and adapt based on that space. Frequently, I will have clients who have a picture of what they want their space to look like. Often this can be done but once in a while it cannot. For example, a popular contemporary design is a wall of tall pantries and wall ovens with cabinets overhead. If a client’s kitchen only has 8-foot ceilings, that look is hard to accomplish.

Kitchen Design Function

Function is the last and perhaps most import element in finding your perfect kitchen design in Chestertown. If a kitchen does not function well for your needs, it will always frustrate you. Even if you only need your kitchen to look great because you do not cook, it needs to look great all the time. However, if you do cook in a kitchen, the functionality involves 3 different areas: cooking, prepping and cleanup. Each of these areas need their own appliances and fixtures to work and they need to be accessible. For example, for the cooking area a wall oven cannot be on the other side of the kitchen from the cooktop and the sink needs to be near the dishwasher.

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