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How to Plan for Your Kitchen Renovation in Kent County

| Amy Meade

A Kent County kitchen renovation involves at least four steps: research, budget development, design and finally installation. You can do all these on your own or you can hire specialists to help you with each step. I will focus on working with professionals.

5 Steps to Plan For Your Kitchen Renovation

Even when you hire a professional designer, you will want to have a plan for your kitchen renovation project. We have identified 5 main steps.

Step One: Research

The one area anyone can and should do on their own is the initial research into what they are looking for in their new Kent County kitchen. This includes looking at photos of kitchens. Go through magazines, Houzz, Pinterest or whatever you like and make a file of kitchens you love. You might even be able to answer some basic kitchen design questions. Do you lean towards a certain style: traditional, transitional or contemporary? Do you want an all-white kitchen or warm wood? Do you have to have an island? These are personal criteria you can start finding out now.

Step Two: Hire a Kitchen Designer

Once you have done some initial research it is time to find a professional to help you with the design and product purchases. A Kitchen Designer can help you with both. A Kitchen Designer in Kent County will be able to find the products you want at a price within your budget. Each designer does this differently. At Teknika Kitchens and Baths our first step is the initial consultation where we ask lots of questions about what you like about your current kitchen and what you hate, how you live in your kitchen and how you would like to live in your new kitchen, and finally what are your preferences in kitchen products. These products include cabinets, countertops, hardware, plumbing, flooring, appliances and tile. Some you might already have ideas about but if you do not, your kitchen designer will help you find what you are looking for without overwhelming you with options. This is also the step where you let your kitchen designer know what you have discovered in your research (remember that all white kitchen or warm wood one?).

Step Three: Develop a Budget

The second step is to determine a budget. Please let your designer know if you have a budget in mind. If not, do not worry. At Teknika we first measure your space and then we put all the measurements into a proprietary spreadsheet that we then go through with you to determine what your kitchen will cost. We have divided up all possible products into bronze, silver, gold and platinum based on pricing and customization, bronze being the most economical and platinum being the most customized and hence expensive. Your Teknika designer will take you through each category (cabinets, countertops, hardware, lighting, tile, flooring, appliances and plumbing) to see where you are on the bronze-platinum continuum, and by the end of this meeting you will have a budget.

Step Four: Design

After your designer has your budget and taken your measurements for your kitchen and she knows what you like and do not like, it is time to design. Your kitchen designer will take about 2 weeks to come up with your initial design and then it is time to tweak and perfect until your kitchen design and plan for your kitchen renovation is exactly what you want.

Step Five: Installation

The last step is to hire a contractor to install your dream kitchen. Your Teknika designer will help you with this step as well. Teknika only works with a select number of contractors. This way we understand how they work and the contractor understands how Teknika works so that we both are focused on creating your dream kitchen. At the end of this step, it is time to enjoy your new kitchen.

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