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Residential Kitchens, Baths and Custom Cabinetry

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Custom Design

Types of Custom Cabinets in Chestertown

No matter what style of cabinets you like, modern, traditional or transitional, not all are created alike. How your cabinet is crafted is important for wear and tear and length of life. Most modern custom cabinetry is made of engineered wood which is stronger and more resistant to the elements than 100% wood. It is also greener. The difference between cabinets, which cannot be seen, is the quality of the engineered wood. A guideline as to the quality of the engineered wood is the price, in the case of cabinetry you get what you pay for. Types of custom cabinets in Chestertown include:

  • Contemporary or Modern cabinets
  • Traditional cabinets
  • Transitional cabinets

Customized Cabinetry as an Investment

When you purchase cabinetry think about how easy it is to get your questions answered before you buy. Cabinetry is a major purchase and you want to get it right the first time. Also think about how easy it will be to get help to fix issues that come up as the project moves along, (who knew your sink base needed to be 3 inches smaller because the wall has pipes in the back hidden from view).

Another cost factor for cabinetry is customization. The more you can customize, the more expensive the cabinetry, since it takes more time to make. Much of the custom cabinets are handmade. The plus is that you can get the look you want and maximize the storage space you need. This is especially important in kitchen cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry Gives You Options

Cabinetry can be the canvas of your room (a warm maple for the traditional) or it can be the jewel (a high gloss white with stainless steel accents for the modern). An experienced designer can show you examples of both so you can decide what is your cabinetry style.

If you are interested in modern cabinetry make sure that the cabinet is a frameless cabinet. Framed cabinets are usually for a more traditional cabinet and frameless is for a more modern cabinet.  The frameless modern cabinet has the advantage of giving you more cabinet space.

When to Engage Custom Cabinet Designers for Custom Cabinets in Chestertown

When should you hire a custom cabinet designer? When you are involved in any of these projects.

  • New home design
  • Remodeling
  • Repurposing or changing the purpose of a room