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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling: Can You Do Them at The Same Time and Do They Need to Match?

| Amy Meade

So, you just bought a house that needs both kitchen AND bathroom remodeling. Or maybe it has been 10 years and you just can’t stand your kitchen and bath one more minute. What are your options? Believe it or not, it is possible to remodel your kitchen and bath at the same time. It actually could even save you money.

Do Kitchens and Bathrooms Have to Match?

The first question we usually get when a homeowner wants to remodel their kitchen and bath is do they need to match? No, they do not. Actually, we encourage homeowners to think of the kitchen remodel and the bathroom design remodel as two separate projects because the kitchen and the bath function very differently within your house. The kitchen needs to be part of the flow of the entire house. This bustling area is often the heart of the home as the entertainment, gathering and food prep epicenters.

While the bathroom is important, it is the room in your house that is off by itself and can be thought of as separate but equal room. This is the space to let the “other” side of your personality shine. If your home is neutral with just touches of color, the bathroom is the place to let your color side go wild. The opposite is also true. The bathroom could be a haven or tranquil space separate from the normal chaos of life.

I mentioned that you could even save money if you remodel the kitchen and the bath at the same time. While you should think of your kitchen and bathroom remodel as two separate projects, your contractor can treat them as the same project. This means he can save time because he will have flexibility in scheduling the plumber, electrician and even the general contracting. He can save time and trips which means you save money.

The only caution I have for doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling together is that your level of tolerance to chaos had better be high. Your home will be a mess and noisy for a while. If you only have one bathroom you will need to move out because you will not have a water supply for awhile unless your contractor hooks up a temporary sink, which of course will cost extra. So, my strong suggestion is to move out while the pandemonium is going on and return home to enjoy the serenity of your newly remodeled kitchen and bath.

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