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What does it mean to be “Custom Cabinets” in Chestertown?

| Amy Meade

Many kitchen and bath dealers may claim to have custom cabinets in Chestertown. To determine if that is true, let me explain the different classifications of custom cabinets.

There are 3 types of cabinets that cover any type of cabinet you can buy. Some are considered custom cabinets and some are not. The cabinet types are usually called stock, semi-custom and custom. The differences are in how they are made, the level of customization available and often the quality.

  • Stock Cabinets: Primarily sold at big box stores and building supply stores. These are cabinets that are already assembled by the manufacturer. The retailer just “stocks the cabinets and there are limited options available. This means there are few variables in terms of cabinet sizing, color and inside storage options. As a general rule stock cabinets are made with thinner panels, lower grade materials and more glue, all in the name of keeping the price low. These are made for customers with small budgets or homeowners intending to keep the cabinets for five years or less. Often these cabinets come in cartons, ready to assemble. Ikea and Merillat cabinets are examples of stock cabinets.
  • Semi-Custom Cabinets: Sold at some big box stores, building supply stores and higher end kitchen showrooms. The reason for this wide range of retailers is that semi-custom cabinets encompass the greatest range of cabinets. At Teknika we recommend 3 different semi-custom cabinet lines including Brookhaven (our gold level), Design-Craft (silver level) and Silverline (our bronze level). All of these cabinet lines differ in price between 10-30% of each other. The customized cabinet options available for use in custom kitchen remodels include types of cabinets, sizing, color, storage options and quality of materials used. The assortment of these options differs greatly. Semi-custom is the most difficult grade of cabinet to know if you are getting what you are paying for. One helpful hint is that more options in terms of color and wood species could mean a higher price. This type of cabinet is what most consumers are looking to buy.
  • Custom Cabinets: These are sold primarily at high end kitchen showrooms. These cabinets can be manufactured by local manufacturers or by high end cabinet companies such as Wood-Mode, a national cabinet manufacturer located in Pennsylvania. The options: cabinet type, sizing, color and materials used in these custom cabinets are numerous and in some cases almost unlimited. Clients remodeling in Chestertown willing to invest in customized products like custom cabinets usually want to make a unique, beautiful statement.

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There are many different cabinets out there and I want to be sure that you get the type of cabinet that is right for you, whether it is stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets. If you have any other questions or want to learn about the range of custom cabinets in Chestertown please contact us today.