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Modern Kitchen Styles are Becoming More Popular in Chestertown

| Amy Meade

As the summer of 2021 starts to wind down, in Chestertown I have found that modern kitchen styles are becoming more popular. I believe this is because modern kitchens were once thought of as stark or even sterile. That is not the case anymore.

Cabinet Materials Add Warmth to Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchens in Chestertown are gaining in popularity because of the increase in materials that can be used to achieve a modern kitchen style. In years past white cabinets and white stone were the most popular materials for a modern kitchen. More modern kitchens now feature wood and even laminates that resemble wood that warm the space. Barnwood, a popular choice in recent years, can be used to warm an all-white modern kitchen. An accent of barnwood at the bottom of the hood or at the back of an island adds instant warmth and personality to the most modern kitchen.

Today a modern look can even be achieved with Cherry cabinets. It is all about the door style and the accents. I have clients that are doing cherry cabinets in a bathroom with a plain shaker door, but the rest of the bathroom is in black (floor) and white (walls). The bathroom would have been rather stark if not for the warmth of the natural cherry cabinets. Black plumbing fixtures further add the modern touch to this incredible bathroom.

The Accents in the Kkitchen Can Also Add to the Modern Appeal of a Kitchen

Some examples include:

Plumbing fixtures

Add black or the new multi textured faucet (black and chrome for example) and you immediately have a modern mood. A cleaner, simpler style will also read a more modern style.


Again, the finish helps to dictate a more modern statement that appeals to today’s remodelers. Black or ash gray can say modern. And a more angular simple style also adds to the modern appeal.


The more industrial appliances available today can fit easily into a traditional or modern kitchen. However, I would argue that even in a traditional kitchen many industrial style appliances add a modern touch. Appliance manufacturers are also focusing on appealing to the more plentiful modern customers. Most appliance manufacturers have lines that they consider to be exclusively for the modern client, usually labeled European style.


The newer large format tile with tiny grout lines is made for the modern client. The simplicity fits into the modern aura.

However, for a Chestertown homeowner who wants a more modern kitchen style and chooses to add in this modern flair, I would say it is not only easier but modern is no longer cold. Elements can be used to warm a modern kitchen and make it inviting to everyone.

Let Teknika Help You Discover Your New Modern Kitchen Style

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