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No Stress Kitchen Remodel with a Chestertown Kitchen Designer

| Amy Meade

Hire a Chestertown kitchen designer and your remodel process will be smoother. Can I guarantee it will be stress free? Only if you are the type to “go with the flow,” which some people can be even in the middle of a remodeling project. On a side note I am not a go with the flow person which is why my designers and I really try to make it easier. I will guarantee that if you hire the “right” kitchen designer, your kitchen renovation will be so much easier, less stressful, maybe even enjoyable. Here are my 3 ways that hiring a Chestertown kitchen designer is worth the extra cost.

1. Beautiful and Functional Kitchen. Going to a big box store entails that you will either do the Chestertown kitchen design yourself or a newbie will be plugging measurements into a computer and you will be getting a cookie cutter design. A talented kitchen designer will make sure that whichever of their cabinet companies you choose, your kitchen will have optimal storage and the design touches that make it your happy place.

2. Less Stress and Mess Renovation. What do homeowners dread the most? Research shows that it is a kitchen renovation. The months without a workable kitchen, the contractors who fail to show, the cabinets that never shut properly, the MESS. These factors can be avoided when you select the correct Chestertown kitchen designer. An experienced kitchen designer will understand the construction process and may even oversee the entire experience. In addition, if you use a contractor suggested by your kitchen designer, getting the kitchen done as quickly and as smoothly as possible is in the designer’s and contractor’s best interest. The designer wants your referrals and the contractor wants more business from the designer.

3. Great After Care. This means that when your Chestertown kitchen renovation is just a distant memory, and suddenly your son decides he has to practice his pitching in the kitchen and breaks a glass door you are not on your own. Your designer will likely still be available, not moved to another store or department and may be able to help replace that door (not your son). They are also available to answer any questions or concerns you have. Even better, kitchen designers often deal with cabinet lines that are used to a higher level of customer service and they will keep in stock things like hinges and shelf pins that other big box cabinetry options will not offer.

Trust the Chestertown Kitchen Designers from Teknika for Your Remodel

Chestertown kitchen designers can create a plan that ensures your kitchen remodeling project proceeds so much easier, in so many ways and for a very long time. This includes better looks and less stress.

How do you know which kitchen designer to choose? That I will save for a future blog! For more information about kitchen designs in Chestertown or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.