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Predictions for Chestertown Kitchen Design

| Amy Meade

So what can we expect for Chestertown kitchen design in the next five years or so? This is important since we do not want to spend all that money in the kitchen design process to find out in five years the kitchen design is dated. If my crystal ball is up to snuff this is what I will be seeing at Teknika Kitchens and Baths for the next five years or so at So here are my best guesses and predictions for Chestertown kitchen design trends in the coming years.

  1. Technology will continue to be a huge part of the evolving kitchen. I think more and more kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances will incorporate technology. It is already possible for kitchen design in Chestertown for our appliances and smart phones to talk to each other, so we know what we need when we find ourselves at the grocery store without a list. Our phones will have already spoken with the refrigerator and the oven is already preheating as we drive home.
  2. If the stock market continues to go up and up, we will see kitchen designs incorporating more luxurious items. For cabinets this will include more glazes, sumptuous stains and unique wood veneers. For appliances, more color options, not just stainless steel and technological options (see #1). Moldings will make a comeback, probably cleaner lines than in the early part of the century, but they will be more stacked and prevalent.
  3. Green will become a larger part of kitchen design. This is for two key reasons. The first being that “green” kitchen design products prices will come down. Currently most green products are about 10-20% higher than their non-green counterparts. This should change as technology improves and sales increase. The second reason is that there will be more green options. This includes everything in the kitchen from cabinetry to hardware and countertops. Kitchen design will sometimes even include actual green in the kitchen. Right now, you can get small herb gardens in the kitchen grown without soil. That will expand to incorporate full gardens in small spaces so fresh food is available at home all year long.

How confident am I that these predictions for Chestertown kitchen designs will come true? Pretty confident. These trends have already started to take hold in Chestertown kitchen design projects. It will just be a matter of time before the trends explode. I for one am anxious to see them. Please check back to future blogs to see the latest and greatest in Chestertown kitchen design trends and bathroom trends.