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The Three Elements Needed for a Well-Designed Kent County Kitchen

| Amy Meade

How do you know if your kitchen design is a good one? There are three elements that make for a well-designed Kent County kitchen.

Elements of a Well-Designed Kitchen

These three elements include

  1. the layout – how the kitchen is set up
  2. storage – is it optimized?
  3. and finally, the appearance – do you love the way the kitchen looks?

Optimal Kitchen Layout

It used to be that the layout of the kitchen was dominated by the idea of the work triangle. The refrigerator, range, and sink had to be in a triangle. Now this idea has evolved to zones. There should be at least three zones in a kitchen:

Prep zone: at a minimum this would include the sink, the waste basket, and counter space. This zone makes it easy to prep for meals, entertaining and any other food related activity in the kitchen.

Cooking Zone: this zone would include at least the stove top/ovens or range, pots and pan storage, and counter space. It could expand to include utensil storage, and other appliances for cooking such as a speed oven or microwave. This zone should make cooking easy to do in a well delineated space.

Clean up Zone: this kitchen zone would include the sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and waste basket. This could also expand to include Tupperware storage, Ziplock bags, aluminum foil or anything used to clean up after a meal or entertaining. Again, the goal is to make this task as easy as possible.

Kitchen Storage

Today there are more storage options then ever before and this makes it hard to pick. The storage options I think are the minimum requirements are for

  • spices (pullouts or spice drawers)
  • pots and pans (I like large drawers)
  • corner storage (I like turn outs so the space in the back can be used)
  • food pantry (a tall cabinet is optimal, but a wall cabinet or two can also be used)

One must-have kitchen item that is not technically storage is a trash drawer. I hate seeing a well-designed, beautiful kitchen that has a visible trash can. It ruins the ambiance.

Kitchen Appearance

This can be the hardest element of a well-designed Kent County kitchen to design. That is because it is so dependent on the viewer. I as a kitchen designer spend a lot of time getting to know what my client thinks is gorgeous. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times it takes awhile to determine. Some clients love an immaculate white elegant kitchen, others want warm wood tones with accents of colorful painted cabinets. None are wrong, it is just a personal choice.

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