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Top Trends in Bathroom Design

| Amy Meade

The bathroom has become a hub of innovative design. The bathroom was always the room where you could experiment, and now it is where you can investigate new trends in bathroom design.

1. Bathroom Technology Trends

Night light toe kicks were once the ultimate in bathroom innovation. Now, a lot more high-tech options exist for the well-designed bathroom:

a. You can get high tech toilets that don’t require hands or paper. They have temperature-controlled water, water sprayers and automatic dryers for your hygiene needs. If you want more, you can also get toilet seat warmers and LED lights, antimicrobial seats and motion sensors that can raise and lower the toilet seat.

b. Not to be left out, faucets have touchless technology, reduced tap flow and digital temperature control settings to save money and conserve water. Some faucets are programmable for teeth brushing, and run the water for a chosen length of time.

c. Refrigerated bathroom cabinets that keep medicines cool, store cold drinks or keep nail polish flowing.

d. Waterproof TV’s.

e. Bathroom mirrors are becoming smart mirrors that transmit local weather, news and travel times. Your mirror can be a disappearing TV (when turned off) that also includes a USB port and is voice activated. Finally, bathroom mirrors can change the light so you can get true outdoor light or even romantic light if you want to preview your look.

2. Shower Trends

I’m sure you have heard about the programmable showers (temperature and stream), but there is also chromotherapy which is mood enhancing lighting. Other shower trends include hidden shower drains. Finally steam showers are very popular, which has to do with the benefits of steam:

i. Respiratory benefits, which include optimal breathing, opening up nasal passages and loosening bronchial secretions

ii. Skin care, since steam cleanses the skin, opens pores and makes shaving easier

iii. Physical wellness, through promoting an increase in blood circulation and reinvigorating tired muscles

iv. Well-being, by relieving stress and promoting restful sleep

v. Conservation, since steam uses less water than a regular shower

3. Bathtub Trends

Separate tubs are also a key element when it comes to trends in bathroom design. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can look natural or ornamental. They are all beautiful.

4. Color Trends in Bathroom Design

Gold has been an top color accent and it is not just for hardware or plumbing fixtures. You also see gold showing up in tile or even the countertop.

5. Bathroom Faucet Trends

Faucets are available with more options than ever. You used to only be able to change the style and the color. Now you can get interchangeable handles (style or color) and even pull out sprays which I like since I find bathroom sinks get just as dirty in the corners as kitchen sinks.

Contact Teknika for the Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

These are just some of the new trends in bathroom design elements that remodelers can choose from. If you want to hear about these in more depth, just give Teknika Kitchens and Baths in Chestertown a call at 410-778-2036. If you want bathroom design inspiration or if you want to learn how to design your perfect small kitchen, see our website.