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What Does a Chestertown Kitchen Designer Do?

| Amy Meade

The easy answer is that the job of a kitchen designer in Chestertown is to turn your dream kitchen into reality. But what does this entail?

9 Areas of Focus for a Chestertown Kitchen Designer

Kitchen designers are interior designers who specialize in kitchens. This is a specialty because the kitchen is more complicated than any other room in the house. You need to make the kitchen functional and yet it also needs to be drop dead gorgeous. The functional part means dealing with a multitude of issues including the following categories:


Where is the plumbing now, do we need to move it, and can it be done? What type of sink do you want and is a secondary prep sink a possible addition? A kitchen designer can answer these questions and even help pick out the faucet.


Lighting is where new innovations are happening. There is lighting for tasks, ambient lighting for overall lighting and accent lighting to highlight your collection of pottery. How are all these different types of lighting achieved? That does not even get into the light levels or color of light. Kitchen designers need to understand lighting to help you with these decisions.


How are you going to fit all your kitchen essentials into this new space. Usually this is an element lacking in the old kitchen so it must be a priority in the new kitchen. Delegating spaces for specific storage must be balanced with the need for flexible storage space. A kitchen designer is adept at juggling this balance.


A refrigerator can now talk to you, take pictures of what is inside it to help while you are in the grocery store and even set your calendar for the next week. Every family does not need this refrigerator, but the breadth of options in just this one appliance gives you an idea of the options available for all appliances. A kitchen designer is on top of all these appliance trends.


Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen. There are hundreds of different hardware manufacturers and a kitchen designer who takes the time to understand your taste can help you narrow down your choices so they are not overwhelming


This is no longer just a matter of picking out your granite, the options for countertops have expanded to quartz, soapstone, Dekton and other surfaces besides marble and Corian. Your kitchen designer will succinctly let you know the benefits of each option.


Do you want tile for your backsplash? There is porcelain, ceramic, cement or even marble. With your kitchen designer, you can design a showstopper of a tile backsplash or a neutral background for your impressive countertop.


You want to keep your flooring which sounds like an easy choice, but what if your new kitchen plan means moving the dishwasher to another location. Does the flooring run under the dishwasher, will it need to be patched? These questions are ones kitchen designers will know to ask.


Cabinetry is the most expensive part of the kitchen, besides installation. There are also thousands of cabinet manufacturers. A kitchen designer will help you through first deciding if you want RTA, Stock, Semi-custom or custom cabinets. Then you can decide on the brand. A kitchen designer will have a brand or a few brands they deal with regularly and so they will have a relationship with the cabinet company which is necessary when issues arise-and they always arise.

Teknika is Your Local Chestertown Kitchen Designer

As you can tell by this list there are so many different functional elements in the kitchen that only an experienced kitchen designer in Chestertown can help you maneuver through them all. We have not even addressed the skills it takes to make your kitchen gorgeous, but a kitchen designer has those abilities as well.

If you would like more information on Teknika Kitchens and Baths and what a Chestertown kitchen designer does, please see our website or call us at 410-778-2036.